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We are a family run company with roots originating from 1967.

Design - Passion - Quality.

We have a strong passion for designing and manufacturing high quality fashion belt buckles.
We design our own Belt Buckles which are produced to the highest standard and quality they are hand finished and hand painted in our art studios here in England.

Buckles are made from “Fine Pewter” solid Brass or plated White Metal which are then hand coloured by our team of Artists, buckles will fit a 1.1/2” to 1.3/4” (38mm to 45mm) Belt.

BuckleUp Shop embraces a wide range of subjects and hold licenses for many prestigious brands which are exclusive to our company. We have extensive warehousing with an off-the-shelf range second to none of over 2,500 designs, our vast stocks of our designs enable us to offer between 24 or 48 hour despatch service worldwide.

Over the many years we have been in business, we have seen many imitations of our designs and products come and go, but due to our superior design, painting and manufacturing processes we remain one of the strongest in the world today.


All the above are registered trademarks owned by us, our designs and trade marks are protected under law. infringement of the marks or designs will result in legal action. Due to the vast stock BuckleUp Shop holds slight colour differences or variations may occur, these are beyond our control. Specification may change without prior notice.

  BuckleUp Shop distribute world wide.

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