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Trading terms and conditions.
By placing your order via this site you are agreeing to be bound by our online trading terms as shown below.


Please note our terms and conditions for all returns - damaged, broken or incorrectly ordered:

  • If you receive an item from us which has been damaged/broken during transit, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt of goods and return said item to us for a replacement. Carriage is non-refundable.

  • We cannot replace/credit any items returned to us that are showing signs of extreme wear and tear.   Our suppliers will not credit us for any items in this condition, so therefore please do not return them. If however it has been purchased recently and there is an obvious manufacturing fault, we will be pleased to replace it. 

  • All returns (old or new stock) will be closely assessed before replacing/crediting. If your item is no longer a stock product we will issue a credit for the value at which it was last in stock at. If the item is not from our stock range, i.e. it is not our colouring or we have never carried it in our range, it will be returned to you. Also, if your return is from very old stock that we cannot return to our supplier, a credit cannot be issued. 

  • If you have ordered an item incorrectly, please contact us before returning it. There will be a 15% handling charge in these cases unless negotiated otherwise with a director. When packing returns please make sure that they are individually wrapped in a suitable material and sealed in a box/padded jiffy bag securely. Any items received by us damaged/broken due to careless packing will not be credited, as we cannot re-sell damaged stock.

  • Replacements/returns will be included in your next order unless instructed otherwise. There will be no extra postage charge for any replacements/returns sent separately.  

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